is an information hub for retail & wholesale products according to category, company, location integrated with Cloud Tradeplus-ERP full back office Management system (Production, Accounts, Sales Invoice, Stock & Inventory).

Special Features

  • A-Z All Type of Products (Needle to Ship)
  • Real Time Hotel Booking
  • Real Time Doctor Booking
  • Flat/Plot/Land Sale
  • House/Flat Rent
  • Location Wise Information’s & Services
Manage business & expose products in common market place

One-stop information hub for retail & wholesale products according to category, company, location integrated with Cloud-TradePlus full back-office Management System (Production, Accounts, Sales Invoice, Stock & Inventory)

  • and each company website is inter-connected with Cloud-TradePlus Software a fully back-office management system
  • Cloud-TradePlus user can enjoy free Product Showcase facility for first 1 year where product owner can show product Advertisement
  • Company owner can also sale thier product from their company website
  • Online Order and Online Payment facilities for each company owner. No need complex integration hassle
Customer Benefits:
  • Single Sign in using Google Accounts and manage multiple company product purchasing
  • Live Chat with individual company about Products
  • Online order & online payment using card & mobile banking
  • View company wise order, purchase & payment history
  • Products search, compare product quality & price of different companies according to location

Business Owner Benefits:
  • Manage business by selling & buying products through online
  • Get your own company website in lowest price that is integrated with trade business back office management
  • Satisfy customer by answering their query any time from any place using mobile device or PC
  • Company owner can run Business 24 hour when shop are closed
What is
  • An eCommerce marketplace project
  • Jointly owned by every publisher
  • It will be operated in every country
  • System will have all major language
  • Citizen will get all necessary information, product service  in one place
Our Specialty
  • A-Z All Type Products (Needle to Ship)
  • A-Z Service Information
  • Real Time Hotel Booking
  • Real Time Doctor Search & Booking
  • Flat/Plot/Land Sale
  • House/Flat Rent
  • Online Order 
  • Online Payment (Visa, Debit, Credit Card, Mobile Banking)
  • Every type info in one place
  • Find info according to Location and Category
  • Integrated with Backoffice ERP
  • Full Software of Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounts, CRM, Online Order
Healthcare and Hospitality
  • Search Hospital, Doctor & Schedule
  • Online appointment & payment
  • Video Call, online treatment
  • Report Upload, Prescription by email
  • Admission, Treatment, Lab, Pharmacy, Accounts
Cloud-Hotel ERP 
  • Search Hotel
  • Online Hotel Booking
  • Billing & Collection
  • Restaurant, Laundry, Accounts
  • Find info according to Location and Category
  • Integrated with Backoffice ERP
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • What is An One-Stop Information Hub for buyers as well as seller. This marketplace is for retailer and wholesaler. Our target is to bring all product and service information in one place according to location, product category and price. Customer can get comparative idea about product price and delivery location
  • How a company can show their in ? You just have to register as a company (it takes only 2 min) your all settings will done auto for you. Have to wait for admin approval
  • As a company can I manage my company accounting and Store & Inventory ? Yes, you can manage your business Backoffice beside show your product in the trip2market place.
  • As a customer how can I order a product? You can browse the site ( or use our search engine to find your desired products. You can add them to your shopping bag and click on place order. Corresponding company will get order. You will get the company contact information as well as your information will get by the company.
  • How can I payment for the order? Customer can pay online or offline. Through our site customer can paid online by card or mobile banking. Corresponding company will get payment prove and responsible for product delivery. If any dispute come Trip2market will negotiate based on written communication via portal
  • Who is responsible for product delivery? Corresponding company are responsible for product delivery
  • How can I contact admin authority? You can always contact us on: (+88) 02-9615991, +088-01976002001 or mail us at
  • How can I contact seller company? You will get company contact information, Company legal information as well as review information bellow the detail information of each product