Accounting Training/Workshop

Practical Accounting Workshop using Software

Accounts management is an important  for managing office. Thinking of developing practical  skills in accounting  without any accounting ideas? Covid-19 is offering this training course online for free on its own initiative in this pandemic situation of Cloud Solution Ltd. As you progress through training in this field you will learn something that will later take you to the top of business experience and technology on business management and accounts software and help you build as a successful accounts manager.

Type Of Training:

  • Online virtual free training / workshop sessions for newcomers in free-time sitting at home.
  • Date and time: (Saturday and Sunday), from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Eligibility of participants:

  • Minimum H, S, C Pass
  • Preference will be given to those who are experienced in marketing and have skills in freelancing.
  • Anyone with an idea of computer and internet usage can participate.

Experience, skills and benefits:

  • Detailed ideas about accounting management that will acquire practical skills in keeping business accounts.
  • Provide an experience certificate that will help you get a better job by introducing yourself to the experience
  • There will be opportunities to work part time (outsourcing at home and abroad) special commission for software Sales.
  • Facility to work anywhere (in which case the company’s technical team will provide full support and provide all the documents).
  • You can become an expert in accounts software from  online any part of Bangladesh.
  • Follow this link to know more about Accounts Software:
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Certificate Receiving Criteria

Use the following voucher/transactions for generate reports (You can use more transactions)

SL No Descriptions Amount
1 Owner Invested from Director Capital (2003) to Company Citi Bank (1151) Account. 600,000
2 Amount received from Citi Bank (1151) to Cash in Hand (1101). 500,000
3 Purchase Furniture – Fixer (1201) from supplier SR Furniture to Furniture as asset 120,000
4 Payment to supplier SR Furniture from Cash in Hand (1101). 100,000
5 Purchase 10 Samsung J2 mobile from Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd by per unit 15000 Taka.
Total bill 150000 taka and paid from Cash in Hand (1101) 100000 taka to supplier.
Auto paid from Cash to Supplier when purchase invoice entry 100,000
6 Sales 2 Samsung J2 mobile to the Client Samia Enterprise with price per unit 20000 taka
and paid 30000 taka to Cash in Hand (1101)
Auto paid to Cash from client when sales invoice entry 30,000
7 Paid Employee Salary (4201) from Cash in Hand (1101) 20,000
8 Company Billed to Client Samia Enterprise for Sales/Service Income (3001) 180,000
9 Company Paid to Office Rent Expense (4200) 15,000
10 Receive to City Bank (1151) an amount of 150000 by check from Samia Enterprise 150,000

Sign-up (Registration):

See TradePlus-ERP Training Video:

● Have to Register with your email using below given link
● Login with your email & make transactions (at least 10 vouchers)
● Generate report (Cash Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)
● Save the report to pdf and send to our official email id ( mentioning your Enrolment registration full name, email ID and registration serial number
● Which session you have been attended for the practical accounting workshop
● Evaluating the report we shall send the certificate to your email
● If you faced any problem for doing transactions or report then contact us through our official Facebook page inbox (

We provide certificate like this