About us

What we do:

We provide monthly payment basis SAAS (Software as a Service) product which is built using oracle apex technology and hosted in Cloud Environment. It has multi geo location data backup and world class data protection security features. Our SaaS model software is most suitable for small and medium enterprise company.

Our applications are state of the art secured, any device access (PC, Tab, Mobile), easy navigation, good looking and scalable rich enterprise application (REA) in online cloud environment. Our all software modules will work as integrated ERP.

Cloud SaaS Software

  • Academy Management
    • Student Information Management
    • Selection, Promotion and Admission
    • Accounts (Billing & Collection)
    • Attendance with SMS notification
    • Teaching and Academy Operation
    • Teaching Plan, Quiz Question, Assessment
    • Curriculum, Exam, Result Processing
    • Complain & Disciplinary action
    • Teacher & Student Evaluation
    • Online Payment
    • Student and Guardian Access Version
    • Website for general public access
  • Library Management
  • HRMS
  • Fingerprint Attendance
  • Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Store & Asset (Supply-Chain & Procurement)

Our Focus:

Our mission and vision is to provide solutions for those who want to invest in pay as go models but want to enjoy the latest technology benefit with instalment basis payment.

Who we are:

Cloud Solution Ltd. (CSL) is a multi-country operational company. We are experts in distributed and cloud based solution development & delivery to around the world. CSL has experience since 2007. We have successful track records to develop and deploy big national level databases application like Bangladesh Police, Department of Agricultural Marketing, Dhaka Community Hospital, Birdem, SMC, UNFPA

Technology we use:

We are focused only on Oracle Apex technology that is robust, secured and salable as the client wants.

Our Working Sector

  • Trade & Service Business
  • Hospital & Clinic
  • Education
  • Garments/Manufacturing/Buyinghouse
  • Real Estate
  • Government’s Customize Project
  • Others (On demand distributed application development)

Our key points:

  • High quality, robust, global standard software using Oracle Apex
  • SaaS model business software that ensure minimum investment
  • “Pay as you Go” (monthly payment facility)
  • Modules are itegrated with ERP systems
  • Applications are secured and hacking proof
  • Easy navigation & smart looking as Rich Enterprise Application
  • Client’s data are backuped in 3 region, no data lost
  • Our solutions are robust, secured, scalable & high available in cloud environment
  • 2 minutes to setup & ready for use
  • Softwares are built with World best & secured Database Oracle Database 21c and Oracle Apex 21.X
  • Usable in all devices (Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, PC)
  • Online Demo & Trial for free (15 Days)
  • SMS & Email based communication for accounts and billing
  • Our Real-Time Dashboard with light-weight BI (business intelligent) reporting facility for quick business decission

Mission and Vision

  • To provide solution for them who want to invest less amount but want to enjoy latest technology benefit with installment basis payment.
  • Our business strategy is to bring SME level companies under the digital umbrella to manage their business with easy and affordable costing
  • We design, develop and maintain cloud based business software for running your company with minimal IT infrastructure costs hence allowing you to focus growing your company in other key areas.


  • We want to be a world-standard solution provider of adaptable and scalable enterprise solutions in the national and international market.

Technical Features

  • Technology: World best & secured Oracle Database 21c and Oracle Apex 21.X has capability to develop mission critical solution
  • High Availability: Hosted in "Oracle Cloud" environment which is highly secured, 99.96% uptime. Processing power and space capacity are scale able on demand
  • Data Backup: 3 continent base data backup, no way to lost data. User can download your all business data in local computer in different format
  • Meet Generation Demand: Apex has generation demand facilities with high-available, scalable, Secured, Any device access, zero data loss, mission critical solution, high volume data, Smart looking, easy navigation, Rich Enterprise Application (REA), Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Interactive Dynamic Reports: Inbuilt interactive reporting facility enable end user to generate thousand of reports with dynamic filtering option as much as user want
  • Access Facility: Application and data are accessible from any devices like- Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, PC in any OS via Intranet (LAN), Internet
  • Deployment: Platform independent possible to implement in all OS (Operating System, Windows or Linux)
  • Security: Apex's inbuilt mechanism manage all security concern that protect any hacking and ensure cyber security. Applications are secured by SSL Certificate with the highest strength encryption. So that user can operate transaction safely and protect data hacking
  • Looking & Navigation: Smart looking, user friendly and easy navigation facility. Responsive and suitable for all devices as REA (Rich Enterprise Application)
  • Data Access Authorization: Business data will be 100% secured, Standard Data Center security will be provided, User/Role base secured access control will restrict sensitive data access. Data access control will be managed by business admin
  • Performance: It is fast Ajax based technology and scalable for high user volumes
  • Reporting & Data Export: Self-customized dynamic report generation facility that enables light weight Business Intelligence (BI). Multi format report generation with export facility like pdf, xls, html, rtf, chart etc.
  • Language: fully Unicode supported, can be used with any language
  • Communication: Integrated SMS and Email facility

Our Software Features

We are dedicated to work with only Oracle Apex on Oracle Cloud Environment that is cost effective, scale able, secured and high available. We can also provide on premise solution that will be install in client’s server in local or Oracle Cloud Server

  • Our technology is a web based 3-tier client-server technology using Oracle Application Express based on ORACLE database.
  • Data are secured by backup to 3 geo-graphical location.
  • Web server as Oracle Web Logic, Glassfish, Apache Tomcat in Oracle Linux environment
  • It is highly secured and manageable.
  • All applications use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates.
  • It is based on RIA (Rich Internet Application) and RAD (Rapid Application Development)
  • Builds professional looking web applications that are both fast and secure.
  • Apex is open source and FREE. No licensing required.
  • Lot of scope for customization of applications look and feel, for each organization.
  • It is very fast (Ajax based technology) and scalable for high user volumes.
  • It is platform independent, so it is possible to implement in all OS (Operating System, Windows or Linux)
  • Accessible and smart enough to operate from any device like Mobile, Tab or PC
  • Application are accessible from all desk via LAN, Internet, Smartphone.
  • Smart looking, user friendly and easy navigation facility.
  • Multi format report generation with export facility (pdf, xls, html, rtf, chart, …)
  • Fully Unicode supported, can be used with any language.
  • Self-customize dynamic report- generation facility that enable light weight Business Intelligence (BI) reporting.
  • Integrated SMS based notification system can involve the customers more effectively in their demands of the customer they want to be.
  • Reporting can be sent to email.

Comparative Benefit

Why our software is comparatively more benefited than other standard software
TopicCloud Solution SoftwareOther Standard Software
Online Demo & Trial access facilityYesNo
Multi branch sales management (Online Integrated)YesNo
Market places showcase (E-commerce facility Via Trip2market.com)Yes (Collect order and payment)No
Products show in self organization websiteYes (Collect order and payment)No
Data recovery when computer damagesYes (Data store at least 3 counties)Yes, if backup store in separate computer otherwise loss important data
Starting InvestmentNoYes
Installment payment (Pay as you go)Yes ( Monthly)No
Operation facility & accessYes ( Mobile, Tab, PC)Yes (PC)
Chart of account, Clients, supplier Ledger ManagementSeparately (No problem when Client increase huge)Client & Supplier maintain in Chart of account (Arise problem when client become huge)
Self-customized business intelligence report generationYes (Smartly with latest inbuilt tools)Developer Defined, Not Dynamic
Database & TechnologyOracle 21.c, Oracle Apex, SQL, PL/SQLMy SQL, SQL Server, PHP, Dot Net, VB
Cloud infrastructureYes (Oracle Cloud)No
SecurityWorld Class, maintained by OracleLocal Vendor
User access control & restrictionCustomized by ClientCustomized by Developer
User limitationUnlimitedYes (Have to pay for more user)
Data backupOracle Cloud-based 3 geo-location backupsStandalone
Send Report in EmailYesNo
SMS facility on the transaction as bank doingYesNo
Account ledger access by the customer providing Username and PasswordYesNo
Online payment and auto ledger updateYesNo

CSL remarkable client list:

  • Dhaka Community Hospital
  • BIRDEM Hospital
  • A2i (Police Clearance Management System)
  • Police Convention Hall
  • Police Housing Society
  • Police Staff College
  • Bangladesh Police (CDMS, PIMS, PBMS, PLMS)
  • Kuehne + Nagel (Multinational company)
  • SMC (Social Marketing Company)
  • Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM)
  • Creative IT
  • CEMS Global
  • Iskcon Bangladesh
  • Hot Breads
  • HR Unit Distribution Company Ltd.
  • Bridge Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Pure Lab Tech Ltd.
  • Zia and Associates
  • Bangladesh Automation Technologies
  • Polycon Limited
  • Green Tech Water Solution Ltd.
  • Anyaprokash
  • SR Furniture
  • World Beach Resorts 
  • Green Tech Corporation
  • Molla Travels
  • Double Glazing Solution
  • Raiyan Ampl Electronics Store
  • Bismillah Traders
  • Flashy Flash Jute Mills Ltd.
  • DRI (Development Resources International Co., Ltd.)
  • Padma Housing Society Ltd.
  • Ananda Housing Society Ltd.
  • Bangladesh Mathematical Society
  • German University Bangladesh
  • Global Institute of Science & Technology
  • Northern Jute Mills
  • Jade Bangladesh Ltd
  • TexKom Ltd.
  • Jade-BD
  • Azad Rifat Knit Composite Mills.
  • MeritLink BD Ltd.
  • Hossain & Brothers
  • HL Motors
  • Garial Bangladesh
  • BTS Communication Beanibazar
  • NIPRO JMI Pharma
  • G4S Bangladesh
  • Heaven Food & Beverage
  • Mohammadia Fabrics & Gadget Textile Machinery
  • MS. Haji Aminul Haque and son’s
  • Safa Reza
  • MAC (ABC Supply Chain Solutions Limited.)
  • Aisa Mobile
  • Salauddin Motors
  • istore
  • Dhaka Carriers Pvt Ltd.
  • Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd.

Our Partner Network

We have world wide partner network who resell our SAAS products with a long term revenue sharing model.


Remarkable Success Stories

Project :CDMS (Crime Data Management System), Bangladesh Police
CDMS is integrated web based application that store and retrieve crime & criminal information by Bangladesh Police. Data entry or operation point is around 600 police stations and 70 courts. Right now its user is around 10,000 and expected to increase 50,000. The system generates criminal’s crime related profile indicating all previous crime and previous conviction (PCPR). The system generates statistics reports for decision maker so they can take necessary crime protection initiatives. It is highly secured Oracle technology solution that connected with all units via secured internet connection using VPN. Technology: Database: Oracle 11g, Front End: Oracle Apex

Project : PCMS (Police Clearance Management System), Bangladesh Police
PCMS (Police Clearance Management System), Bangladesh Police: PCMS is an a2i project, Monitored by PMO (Prime Minister Office) supported by UNDP and operated by Bangladesh Police. It allows citizen to apply online for police clearance certificate. There is online payment mechanism using credit card, mobile banking like bKash etc. Concern thana will verify information and print certificate by authority. At each progress stage applicant will get notification via mobile SMS. User can download completed certificate logging in to the system. Technology: Database: Oracle 11g, Front End: Oracle Apex

Project : PIMS (Personal Information Management System), Bangladesh Police
PIMS (Police Personal Information Management System) project is around 2.25 lac Police staff's information database. The system's operation is executin around 1000 units. PIMS is decision making tools for police administration. System generate every police staf's ID card instantly. Police posting, promotion, training, joining information is recorded from every unit so Head office instantly get the information and able to take decision based on data.
Technology & Database: Oracle DB, Front End: Oracle Apex

Project : Integrated Gender based Violence database (PEWR), Police & UNFPA
PEWR project is integrated with CDMS. Through a separate interface a number of Stakeholders will access the database using secured access control. It will link with criminal and its case prosecution. The system will generate statistics reports for decision maker so they can take necessary crime protection initiatives. It is highly secured Oracle technology dependent system that connected with all units via secured internet connection using VPN. Tools, Language and Framework: Database ORACLE 11g, ORACLE Apex