CRM/Merchandising is a web based integrated software that manage customer relationship management such as keep customers contact details up to date, customer records, customer communications schedule management

Module Components

  • Communication
    • Communication Calender
    • Schedule Calender
    • CRM Report Interactive
  • Quotation
    • Quotation Info
    • Estimation Info
    • Estimation report 360-degree
  • Work Order
    • Work Order Info
    • Progress timeline 360
    • Progress timeline dashboard
    • Inspection (EQC)-admin
    • Inspection (EQC)-Emp.
  • LC Shipment
    • LC Shipment Info
    • Shipment Info

Key features:

  • Profile customer easily
  • Manage date of different Clients and easy to use
  • Collect data fast and get a real time data
  • Assign sales and marketing
  • Make accurate sales forecast
  • Increase sale opportunities
  • Dashboard for top management
  • Email & SMS notification
  • Mobile, Tab, PC based operation
  • Simplicity: easy navigation & operation
  • Interactive business analysis report generation in 360 degree report view
  • Data are backup in 3 location in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.

CRM/Merchandising Pricing

Features/Package Basic Standard Premium On demand Remarks
Price per Client per month (USD) 0.24 0.18 0.12 Minimum amount 23.59 (USD)
Price per Client per month (BDT) 20 15 10 Minimum amount 2000 (BDT)
Number of Client 0-100 101-500 501 to above
Assign sales and marketing person
Dashboard for top management
Collect data fast and get a real time data
Interactive business anlysis reportgenerationi
in 360-degree report view
SMS & Email notification