CRM/Merchandising is a web based integrated software that manage customer relationship management such as keep customers contact details up to date, customer records, customer communications schedule management

Module Components

  • Communication
    • Communication Calender
    • Schedule Calender
    • CRM Report Interactive
  • Quotation
    • Quotation Info
    • Estimation Info
    • Estimation report 360-degree
  • Work Order
    • Work Order Info
    • Progress timeline 360
    • Progress timeline dashboard
    • Inspection (EQC)-admin
    • Inspection (EQC)-Emp.
  • LC Shipment
    • LC Shipment Info
    • Shipment Info
Cloud Solution LTD Client


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User ID:

Password: demo

  • CRM / Merchandising Details
  • Key features:

    • Profile customer easily
    • Manage date of different Clients and easy to use
    • Collect data fast and get a real time data
    • Assign sales and marketing
    • Make accurate sales forecast
    • Increase sale opportunities
    • Dashboard for top management
    • Email & SMS notification
    • Mobile, Tab, PC based operation
    • Simplicity: easy navigation & operation
    • Interactive business analysis report generation in 360 degree report view
    • Data are backup in 3 location in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.