White Lebel Partnership

Offers White Label Partnership:

Network is very important for business expansion, trustworthy solution delivery. We have a special offer for partners to work with us to sell our Software Services and gain sound revenue sharing.

What we Provide?
  • We provide white label products/solutions for partners who will rebrand and resale to their clients
  • Our all products/modules are made in Oracle Technology and hosted in Oracle Cloud environment
  • Partner will host the solution in their domain name and able to rebrand the product as per choice
  • We provide the service for all the country of the world

  • Financial Benefits:
  • Each sale or for any client sales reference linkage, freelancer/partner company will get 40% revenue and Cloud-Aps.com will get 60%
  • If the partner dies or becomes disabled, we shall provide the financial benefit according to agreement to his/her nominee as per defined  by the staff.
  • After every two years, the Agreement will be renewed.

  • Partnership Responsibility:

    CSL Role:
  • CSL will provide Cloud Software, Cloud Infrastructure
  • Shared Server costing will bear by CSL, for any dedicated server required by client will pay by client but maintain by CSL, Source Code and support will maintain by CSL
  • CSL will provide training to partner team for make capable to product demo to prospective client
  • CSL will provide all documents format such as technical, proposal document sent to Partner

  • Partner Role:
  • Marketing and Product sales, Demo presentation (CSL will assist if required)
  • Partner will provide Training to client (CSL will assist if required)
  • Partner provide 1st level service to clients
  • Collect monthly or periodic bill for the software service
  • Project Prospect of any particular client will be recorded to our system, so that in future the particular come to our channel its commission      will be payable to the partner.

  • Partnership campaigns are mutually beneficial and help both parties reach their objectives. If you are digital marketing expert & good presenter then you are valuable for us. Our team will provide all documents. To learn Products details within 2/3 days with remote online training.