CloudERP-Library software is for manage library’s books, journals, magazines, thesis, audio video material object in a simplified way
so that students and librarian find object easily including object availability and its location in the shelf.

Module Components:

  • Library Administration
    • Shelf/Bin Management
    • Resource classification using DDC
    • Resource entry according to category and shelf/bin
    • Resource/ Book sticker management
    • Resource issue
    • Pending return management
    • Resource/ Book Return calendar
    • Delay returns fine management
    • Dashboard for top management
    • Interactive business analysis report generation in 360 degree report view (BI tools)
  • Student Access
    • Online access for students and teacher
    • Resource/book search and lend request
    • Return calendar
    • Dashboard and lend history
    • Extend request

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Password: demo

  • CloudERP-Library Details
  • Key features:

    • Online access for book search and submit lend request
    • Dashboard facility for both students and librarian
    • Dashboard for top management
    • Email & SMS notification for book request, issue and return transaction
    • Mobile, Tab, PC based operation
    • Simplicity: easy navigation & operation
    • Data are backup in cloud environment for protect information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.

    Library Management Features:

    • Online Object view & Search
    • Membership Form submission
    • Object Lend request by library Members
    • Issue an Object or Book by the Librarian
    • Search Books or Resources or Objects with Filter Option by Object Title, Type, Borrower& Status
    • Sending Email Notification on Browser
    • View Notification on Calendar about return information of a book or object
    • Sticker (Print Front/Inner Sticker)
    • Search Sticker by Location/ Bin, Resource ID etc. using Filter option
    • Search Resources with Filter Option by Resource Type, Title & Author Name
    • Search Resources with Advance Option by Resource ID, Type, Title, Author Name, Publishing Year, Type, Category/ DDC, Shelf/ Bin etc.
    • List of all Resources or Objects with their detailed Information
    • Enter new Books or Resources or Objects
    • Search Books or Resources or Objects with Filter Option by
    • Summary of all Resources/ Objects
    • Record of User’s Transaction
    • Daily Transaction Status View
    • Total Quantity of the Resources or Objects
    • Category wise Quantity of the Resources or Objects
    • Bin wise Quantity of the Resources or Objects
    • List of all Resources or Objects Category