Oracle Apex 5.1 Standard

  • Start Date: 07 July 2017
  • Duration: 06:00 PM - 9:00 PM)
  • Number of sessions: 12
  • Class Schedule: Sun, Tue, Thu
  • Total Hours: 40
  • Real Project Hours: 10

Fee: Tk. 15,000

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  • Introduction
  • Now a days software development goes to RAD - Rapid Application Development based and REA (Rich EEnterprise Application). At the same time software development’s prime concern is security issue. Mobile enable software development is another hot concern to met next generation demand. Considering all these things ORACLE APEX is one of the best ways.

    Oracle is going to obsolete “Oracle Forms” instead promoting Oracle Apex, ADF. Oracle Apex is browser based software development IDE, that is very lightweight and most latest. You can develop application from any time using mobile phone using internet on oracle cloud. Apex has all the latest development facility to develop Rich Enterprise Applications (REA). Apex allow to develop one application and make suitable for all devices like PC, Mobile, Tab. Oracle is giving this opportunity through APEX technology. Apex developed Mobile Application will work fine in all environments like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

    Some Example of Apex developed Application Link:

  • Key benefit of the course
    • Trainee will be capable to develop and deploy any database centric serious application using Oracle Database
    • Able to develop and deploy mobile compatible applications without writing java code
    • Able to ensure and manage secure database application that prevent hacking free application
    • Capable to develop lightweight Business Intelligent Reports, Charts that will be customizable
    • Since most of the organization using Oracle Database, being capable to develop application very quickly using oracle database you will be high demanding resources
    • Oracle Apex is very fast learning tools (RAD-Rapid Application Development) since wizard based development technique
    • Does not need to have earlier programming skills, Fastest path to be skilled professional
    • Smart Look and Feel Interactive and Rich Enterprise Applications (REA) with minimum effor
  • Course Overview
    • Start and stop the Oracle database and components
    • Create Pages and Regions in an Application
    • Log in to an Oracle Application Express Workspace
    • Create Page and Application Items and Buttons
    • Create Page Processes and Validations
    • Implement Security
    • Manage Application Navigation
    • Extend an Application
    • Create Themes and Templates
    • Create Shared Components such as Tabs, Lists, and Breadcrumbs
    • Add Dynamic Actions
    • Import and Use Plug-Ins
    • Create and Use Calendars and Trees
    • Utilize Application Express Printing methods
    • Manage Application feedback
    • Create Reports and Forms in an application
    • Create and Run Database Applications using desktop and mobile interfaces
  • Introducing Oracle Application Express
    • Application Express Overview
    • Application Express Terms and Concepts
    • Using Application Express
  • Creating a Desktop and Mobile Database Application
    • Application Builder Overview
    • Introducing Database Applications
    • Creating Database Applications
    • Creating Mobile Application
  • Working with Reports for Desktop Application
    • Introducing Reports
    • Using Classic Reports
    • Using Interactive Reports
    • Creating and Customizing an Interactive Report
  • Working with Reports for Mobile Application
    • Creating Reports for a Mobile Application
    • Creating Column Toggle Report
    • Creating a Reflow Report
  • Creating Forms
    • Using Forms
    • Creating Forms
    • Modifying Forms
    • Creating a Form in a Mobile Application
  • Working with Pages and Regions
    • Introducing Page Definition
    • Working with Page Regions
    • Working with Pages
  • Adding Items and Buttons
    • Introducing Items
    • Using Items
    • Creating List of Value (LOV) Type of Items
    • Using Buttons
  • Understanding Session State
    • Understanding Session State in Oracle Application Express
    • Using Session State in Oracle Application Express
  • Including Page Processing
    • Introducing Page Processing
    • Including Computations
    • Including Processes
    • Including Validations
    • Including Branches
  • Validating and Debugging Your Application
    • Using the Advisor
    • Managing Your Attribute Dictionary
    • Debugging Your Application
  • Adding Shared Components That Aid Navigation
    • Introducing Shared Components
    • Creating Tabs
    • Creating Lists
    • Creating Breadcrumbs
    • Creating a Navigational Bar
  • Working with Themes, Templates and Files
    • Using Themes
    • Using Templates
    • Using Files
  • Implementing Security
    • Securing an Application
    • Using Authentication Schemes
    • Using Authorization Schemes
    • Using Session State Protection
  • Managing Application Navigation
    • Building a Hierarchical List with Images
    • Building a Site Map
    • Enforcing Authorization on Your Site Map
    • Linking Interactive Reports using a Declarative Filter
  • Extending Your Application
    • Creating Data Load Wizard Pages
    • Creating an Upload and Download Page
    • Adding BLOB Data to an Existing Application
    • Sending Email from an Application
  • Creating and Editing Charts
    • Creating and Using Charts
    • Enhanced Charting Examples
  • Adding Calendars and Trees
    • Using Calendars
    • Using Trees
  • Using Dynamic Actions and Plug-Ins
    • Using Dynamic Actions
    • Using Plug-Ins
  • Utilizing Application Express Printing
    • Printing a Standard Report with Derived Output
    • Creating a PDF Report with Multiple Queries
  • Managing Application Feedback
    • What is Team Development?
    • Managing Feedback

    Ashim Kumar Sikder

    CTO, Cloud Solution Ltd.

    8 years working experience in Apex

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    Md Zahidul Islam

    Senior Software Developer

    2 years working experience in Apex

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  • Who can participate
    • Beginer can participate. Basic SQL, HTML skills are helpful, but not essential
  • Methodology
    • The training is fully hands on. Our strategy is making confidence by doing through hands on labs with real life example as well as power point presentation
  • Reference Oracle Training
    • Vendor Certification: After complete this training course you can attend Oracle Vendor exam
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    > Certificate after course
    > Tea-break and Lunch during the workshop