Oracle Apex Training

Why Oracle Apex?
  • Apex is smart technology tools/framework that will do 80% work for you and 20% effort need from you
  • Apex is Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools and allow you to build REA (Rich Enterprise Application) with minimum effort
  • Apex is based on Oracle Database (Open Source, Free) and has the capability to extend mission critical solution that oracle allow
  • Apex is Oracle's modern technology. It replaces "Oracle Form" technology for support Mobile and Tab
  • Apex is browser based software development IDE, that is very lightweight and most latest
  • Apex framework manage all security holes so developer don't need to give additional effort make secured enterprise application
  • Mobile first technology (Develop one web application that will work like mobile apps for any devices and operating system (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows)
  • Apex IDE is browser based, developer can develop application using Mobile or Tab or PC
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What student will achieve from this training course
  • Students will be capable to develop beautiful application/web site very shortest path
  • Apex cloud learning environment give the opportunity to showcase self developed application free of cost
  • Students can develop thesis/project application quickly in a professional manner
  • IT manager will be able to deliver light-weight BI reports, chart and dashboard without writing complext code
  • Non-CSC student will be capable to build good looking, secured enterpise application just by click wizerd with 20% effort only

Some Example of Apex developed Application Link:

Our training key benefits:
  • Since our company is oracle apex technology based and we are dedicated with Oracle Apex from 2010. Our training and solution tips are better than traditional training company
  • We have extensive experience lot of real life projects (Demo view)
  • Intern work opportunity (5 person group)
  • Oracle certified trainer who has 18 year of work experience (Demo view)

Ashim Kumar Sikder
CTO, Cloud Solution Ltd.
IT Consultant at Bangladesh Police, Resource person a2i, Ex-Consultant at UNDP, UNFPA, IOM. Trainer at Bdjobs, Bangladesh Police (FTI, DTS, DMP), NAPD
10 years working experience in Oracle Apex
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Course Content

Introducing Oracle Application Express:

  • Application Express Overview
  • Application Express Terms and Concepts
  • Using Application Express

Creating a Desktop and Mobile Database Application:

  • Application Builder Overview
  • Introducing Database Applications
  • Creating Database Applications
  • Creating Mobile Application

Working with Reports for Desktop Application:

  • Introducing Reports
  • Using Classic Reports
  • Using Interactive Reports
  • Creating and Customizing an Interactive Report

Working with Reports for Mobile Application:

  • Creating Reports for a Mobile Application
  • Creating Column Toggle Report
  • Creating a Reflow Report

Creating Forms:

  • Using Forms
  • Creating Forms
  • Modifying Forms
  • Creating a Form in a Mobile Application

Working with Pages and Regions:

  • Introducing Page Definition
  • Working with Page Regions
  • Working with Pages

Adding Items and Buttons:

  • Introducing Items
  • Using Items
  • Creating List of Value (LOV) Type of Items
  • Using Buttons

Understanding Session State:

  • Understanding Session State in Oracle Application Express
  • Using Session State in Oracle Application Express

Including Page Processing:

  • Introducing Page Processing
  • Including Computations
  • Including Processes
  • Including Validations
  • Including Branches

Adding Shared Components That Aid Navigation:

  • Introducing Shared Components
  • Creating Tabs
  • Creating Lists
  • Creating Breadcrumbs
  • Creating a Navigational Bar


  • Intro to Constraints; NOT NULL and UNIQUE Constraints
  • Managing Constraints

Working with Themes, Templates and Files:

  • Using Themes
  • Using Templates
  • Using Files

Creating and Editing Charts:

  • Creating and Using Charts
  • Enhanced Charting Examples

Adding Calendars and Trees:

  • Using Calendars
  • Using Trees

Using Dynamic Actions and Plug-Ins:

  • Using Dynamic Actions
  • Using Plug-Ins

Utilizing Application Express Printing:

  • Printing a Standard Report with Derived Output