"Cloud-Transport" software is useful for manage maintenance of spare items with costing, Fuel consumption log book. System will also manage vehicle's requisition and transport time schedule calendar. Driver can be enter data instantly using synchronized mobile version application.

Our application’s generation demand features make your company one step ahead compare to other companies. The system has inter-messaging mechanism that is accessible via mobile devices. Employee status monitoring mechanism enable top management always up to date. Employee personal schedule and SMS notification is also another modern thinking for have a smart HRMS.

Cloud Transport

  • Through this module employee will submit transport requisition.
  • Based on requisition and pre-defined scheduleHR admin will assign car to particular employee.
  • This assignment will generate schedule calendar for driver.
  • After a successful transport log book and fuel log book will also be recorded so that admin can supervise perfectly.
  • Different transport cost and fuel cost are recorded for approval.
  • Vehicle related information are stored and update for better management, like fitness expiry date, tax-vat expiry date, maintenance schedule date.
  • System will generate a calendar or notification report based on date.
  • Maintenance will be recorded as per spare parts use with its cost so that vehicle wise maintenance cost can be reported with date range.
  • Based on 2/3 person’s evaluation point top level management will settle his/her evaluation.
  • HR admin will provide letter to employee mentioning salary increment and facility. And will collect agree receive copy.
  • To make employee satisfy appraisal process is very useful because here they can express their strength as well as weakness. Considering all side management can evaluate perfectly focusing on evaluation points based on data.