"Cloud-TradePlus" software is integrated system with 3 software like "Stock & inventory", "Sales Invoice" and "Accounts". Through this software user can manage VAT chalan as Govt. VAT office expect. Business owner will get total business summary information instantly and can access over phone or laptop at any time. It can produce trade profit report, client ledger, account ledger, expense, income, asset, liability, balance sheet etc. It will ensure modern client communication by providing digital invoice and SMS notification on financial transaction as like bank doing.

Cloud-TradePlus Modules

  • Accounts
  • Sales Invoice
  • Product Inventory
  • Online Order & Online Payment (Card & Mobile Banking)

Business features of TradePlus

  • Trade business management software is suitable for all type of business that has functionality like product purchase and sale, recursive service business, production and distribution business.
  • This software has integrated accounts that manage client and supplier accounts as well as product store & inventory.
  • System’s inbuilt reporting mechanism keep the owner always up to date with business money flow. It shows business overall snapshot instantly. System instantly says how much receivable money in client hand, how much payable to supplier and how much stocked product price as well as assets and liabilities has for the company.
  • System will give product wise profit percent and its sale ratio based on date range. It will help to business expansion decision.
  • System can instantly produce balance sheet, profit and loss, client ledger, account ledger, expense, income statement etc.
  • There is a scope to send summary reports to top management via email or SMS that ensure business snapshot over time.
  • Through the system sales invoice, money receipt can be produces and deliver to client by printing or by email. When payment confirm and SMS goes to client mobile through the system.
  • It’s integrated accounting follows all standard accounting principle that manages by dual entry system.
  • The application is very easy to use and understand. There is no need huge training to know Dr., Cr. mechanism of accounting system.
  • Anybody who has basic computer knowledge and understand from head, and to head transaction can use our accounting system. Rest of the things will do software system to generate all complex reports.

Competitive benefit

  • Installment base payment facility. No big investment required
  • Get 100% satisfactory service then payment. Pay by earning monthly profit
  • Compatible for Govt. Order to use POS/ECR   View Govt. Notice
  • Company goodwill value must increase as provide digital invoice in print, email or SMS
  • Smart client communication via SMS or email on transaction
  • Calculative summary reports instantly error free
  • Company owner will have overall business information instantly like current stock, liability and assets, receivable and payable
  • Interactive business report generation in 360 degree for sales and profit analysis
  • Instant report of profit & loss, asset, liability, stocks, balance sheet report sent to email that generate company status snapshot
  • Data are backup in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.
  • Business owner will get real time information anytime from anywhere using Mobile, Tab or PC

Technical Features

    Technology: World best & secured Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Apex 5.1 has capability to develop mission critical solution

    High Availability: Hosted in "Oracle Cloud" environment which is highly secured, 99.96% uptime. Processing power and space capacity are scale able on demand

    Data Backup: 3 continent base data backup, no way to lost data. User can download your all business data in local computer in different format

    Access Facility: Application and data are accessible from any devices like- Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, PC in any OS via Intranet (LAN), Internet

    Deployment: Platform independent possible to implement in all OS (Operating System, Windows or Linux)

    Security: Apex's inbuilt mechanism manage all security concern that protect any hacking and ensure cyber security. Applications are secured by SSL Certificate with the highest strength encryption. So that user can operate transaction safely and protect data hacking

    Looking & Navigation: Smart looking, user friendly and easy navigation facility. Responsive and suitable for all devices as REA (Rich Enterprise Application)

    Data Access Authorization: Business data will be 100% secured, Standard Data Center security will be provided, User/Role base secured access control will restrict sensitive data access. Data access control will be managed by business admin

    Performance: It is fast Ajax based technology and scalable for high user volumes

    Reporting & Data Export: Self-customized dynamic report generation facility that enables light weight Business Intelligence (BI). Multi format report generation with export facility like pdf, xls, html, rtf, chart etc.

    Language: fully Unicode supported, can be used with any language

    Communication: Integrated SMS and Email facility

Suitable for following business type

  • Any type of Trade business
  • Readymade Garments/Fashion shop
  • Wholesale business
  • Transport business (Bus, Track, Micro-Bus)
  • Computer, TV, Freeze, Electronics shop
  • Fast Food/Restaurant shop
  • Rod/Cement/Brick shop
  • Tailor, Laundry shop
  • Event Management
  • Rice Mill/Brick Production
  • Lawyer, Consultancy service company
  • Any Servicing company who generate bill
  • ISP, Dish line company
  • Product Export/Import company

Oracle Technology

trade software

Component of TradePlus


  • Voucher Entry
  • Voucher List
  • Pending Voucher List
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Budget & Requisition
  • Ledger Report
  • Ledger-Group wise
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Expense Statement
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet


  • Inventory List
  • Stock Ledger
  • Expiry Product List


  • Purchase
  • Pending Purchase
  • Purchase List
  • Product wise Purchase
  • Supplier List
  • Product List

MIS Report

  • Stock Report
  • Supplier Outstanding
  • Client Outstanding
  • 360 Sales Analysis Report
  • Trade Profit daily, weekly, monthly
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Area wise sales report
  • Product wise sales report
  • Sales person performance wise report
  • Profit Wise Product


  • Sales Invoice
  • Pending Sales
  • Sales List
  • Client List
  • Periodic Sales Summary
  • Item wise Sales Report
  • Item wise Sales with Profit
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Sales Commission


  • Employee Entry
  • Product & Price Entry and Update
  • Client Entry
  • Supplier Entry
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Report Header
  • Lookup Info
  • Auto Transaction Settings
  • Organization Information
  • Client Transaction Settings
  • SMS Group Settings
  • Sent SMS Group
  • Update Product
  • User Access Control and Security Settings

Warranty Services

  • Warranty Product List
  • Warranty Service
  • Warranty Validation List