"Cloud-RealEstate ERP" is an integrated system with CRM, RealEstate, Accounts, Store&Assets, HRMS, Payroll, Attendance, HouseRent etc. Our online Oracle Cloud based technology will ensure generation demand features. It will help to top management to monitor every activity from home or abroad that executing at site office or head office.

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    Business Values:
  • We provide solution "Pay as you Go" model in installment basis that is cost effective and risk free for business decision maker
  • Company can enjoy full software paying maintenance service charge, No need initial big investment
  • Get 100% satisfactory service then payment. Pay by earning monthly
  • Business owner will get real time information anytime from anywhere using Mobile, Tab or PC
  • Emergency office work cannot be stop by traffic jam, client meeting, on tour
  • Company goodwill value must increase as digital office management

Cloud-RealEstate ERP Modules:

  • RealEstate Management
    1. Client Profile & Account Management
    2. Installment & Payment Management
    3. Online Login by client for get account statement
    4. Project wise Raw Material store management
    5. Project wise Expense, Income & Profit calculation
    6. Customer Relationship Management
    7. Raw Material transfer from on project to another project
    8. MIS Report
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    1. Prospective Client list management
    2. Proposal submission
    3. Communication Schedule Calendar
    4. Communication Record keeping
    5. Sales Order and Contract/Agreement Management
    6. MIS Report
  • Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Store & Asset
  • HRMS

    Technical Values:
  • Project wise Expense and Income management
  • Instant report access by mobile, tab or pc of over all company financial status, client due, asset information.
  • Monitoring report & Dashboard enable top management empower and able to address all issues for better business decision
  • Smart office communication through mobile or PC using internal messaging, personal status, office schedule calendar
  • Easy and hassle free operation like leave apply, requisition, task assignment and reporting
  • Perfect and error free accounting and office attendance by fingerprint and system generated report will be sent to top management on time
  • Overtime, salary advance, loan, leave, attendance, employee status, meeting schedule, resource recursion, car requisition, leave projection information will help to make perfect decision for top management
  • Interactive report generation will reduce lot of staff effort and help to take smart business decision
  • Data are backup in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.