An online Oracle Cloud based Production Management System integrated with ERP(HRMS, Accounts, Payroll etc.) to smartly manage businessinstantly using Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, PC via Internet.

Production Sub-Modules are

  • Cost Estimation
  • Production Order
  • Material Estimation
  • Finished Goods
  • Material Inventory

Production and Manufacturing Management System

  • Production and Manufacturing is integrated with several modules like: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - Point of Sales - LC & Shipment - Raw Material Store, Production/Manufacturing Process Modules - Finished Goods Store - Integrated Accounts - HRMS (Human Resource Management)
  • For each product, there will have a setting of raw materials with quantity.
  • When a customer asks for estimation of products and its quantity, software will auto calculate and produce a report of production cost, available finished goods stock, how much row material require, current available row material and additional required raw materials.
  • Seeing run time exact report, marketing team can offer best price for client, based on data without risk.
  • System will also help to calculate time duration for shipment time commitment.
  • After price negotiation client provide a work order. Marketing team send it to sales team (Point of Sale-POS) to generate proforma invoice and create bill for the client. This bill hit in accounting system as client head that is client receivable.
  • Marketing Team/Commercial team send the proforma invoice to process LC (Letter of Credit) by bank. Or client can pay on cheque or cash.
  • Commercial team will enter all LC related information like LC bank, shipment date, amount, rate, relevant documents.
  • In shipment module, there will have shipment schedule information, delivery information and related information.
  • According to client/customer order request manager submit production request with quantity.
  • With reference of production request a series of batch will be created.
  • For each batch, raw material requisition list will prepare auto through software. After print production manager submits to raw store section with signature.
  • Seeing the raw material requisition raw store manager issues the materials at minimum steps. And item stock inventory decrease automatically.
  • Raw store manager will get auto item in/out ledger and other summary reports. Raw store can purchase and store material according to specific client’s style wise.
  • When a batch complete, production manager will update production status with QC (Quality Control) passed quantity, wastage quantity and other relevant information.
  • Top management can get current production status report in a dashboard so that they can monitor and supervise overall production as per shipment schedule.
  • Based on QC passed quantity production quantity are sent to finished goods store and adjust stock inventory.
  • Wastage store will have all wastage products that will come under monitor by top management
  • Finished goods store can transfer product to one warehouse to another, even to POS store for delivery to client.
  • POS module manage sales, create client receivable in integrated accounting modules.
  • Accounts manager can collect bill and adjust in client receivable head. System will generate client ledger statement so that system can print or send to client’s email as well as mobile SMS notification like bank.
  • Production module will produce following reports:
  1. Production request list
  2. Batch wise production quantity, QC pass quantity
  3. Raw material inventory

Cloud-Production Modules & integrated sub-modules:


  • Production Products Stock (Quantity) Chart
  • Finish Goods Stock (Quantity) Chart
  • Material Purchase Order
  • Material Purchase Receive


  • Material Estimate
  • Cost Estimate
  • Product Wise Cost Calculation


  • Production Order
  • Product Batch
  • Batch Wise Store Requisition

Finished Goods

  • Finished Goods IN
  • Finished Goods Transfer
  • Finished Goods (Interactive)
  • Finished Goods (Print View)

Material Inventory

  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receive
  • Material Requisition
  • Material Issue/Out
  • Material In/Out Ledger

MIS Reports

  • Branch-Wise Inventory with Production
  • Production Report 360 Degree
  • All Production Report
  • Production Report
  • Material Inventory
  • Material Receive 360 Degree
  • Material Receive 360 Degree (Print View)
  • Daily Product Measurement
  • Daily Report with Stock Balance


  • Designation
  • Department
  • Employee Information
  • Report Property Setting
  • Lookup Data
  • Product List
  • Production List
  • Material List
  • Production Material
  • Purchase list
  • Auto Transaction Settings
  • Organization Information
  • Organization Brach Setting
  • Chart of Accounts
  • SMS Group Setting
  • Send SMS
  • Report Background
  • Product Category
  • Security Settings
    1. User Setting
    2. Group Setting
    3. User Group
    4. User Module Access
    5. Menu Access
    6. Password Change