"Cloud-Payroll" software is integrated with accounts. It manage each employee's salary sheet and payment with following items overtime, loan, advance salary, late & absent deduction, provident fund, tax etc.

It produce pay slip, monthly salary sheet, overtime reports, provident fund report, bank transfer instruction, loan due report etc. When salary disbursement done employee will notify via SMS or email.

Cloud-Payroll Components

  • Salary:
    1. Payroll Item Setting
    2. Employee Pay setting
    3. Payroll Approval
    4. Monthly Add/Deduction
    5. Payroll Transaction
    6. Salary Sheet
    7. Pay Slip
    8. Provident Fund
    9. Bank Transfer Sheet
    10. MIS Report
  • Tax Calculation:
    1. Government Ordinance
    2. Tax Quota
    3. Tax Item
    4. Tax Slab
    5. Tax Limit
    6. Employee Investment
    7. TDS (Tax Deduction Sheet)

Business features of Payroll

  • Payroll module is integrated with accounts and HRMS.
  • It manages each employee's ledger like bank statement of salary and payment. It produces pay slip, monthly salary sheet, overtime, provident fund, loan etc.
  • According to employee agreement pay items are set like basic, medical, house rent, provident fund, Phone bill allowance, transport allowance etc.
  • With HR admin approval each month salary approval list is prepared.
  • As per predefined setting each approved employee's salary sheet are created by a single click.
  • Accountant can print the pay slip and after taking sign he can provide payment.
  • This payment reflects on account module and generate ledger for each employee like bank statement.
  • When salary disbursement done employee will notify via SMS/email.
  • Provident fund calculation of employee contribution and company contributions as per defined rules
  • System can also generate bank account transfer request letter as per pre-defined salary account head.
  • Loan Disbursement option with EMI option with loan recovery and due report with loan ledger.
  • Online submission of Loan Application and supporting workflow.

Suitable for following business type

  • Any type of business company who has sound number of employees
  • The companies, who has overtime calculation
  • The companies, who has advance salary provision
  • The companies, who has advance loan provision
  • The companies, who has advance provident fund provision

Component of Payroll

Payroll Component

  • Settings
  • Employee Pay Item Settings
  • Employee deduction & addition
  • Salary Approval
  • Salary Sheet generation
  • Overtime processing
  • Absent & Late fine processing
  • Loan settlement process
  • Bank transfer report generation
  • MIS reporting