Store & Inventory's other name is supply-chain management system. Through the software, user places item requisition and store keeper issues following series of approval procedure. System generates auto reorder report based on minimum stock alert level according to procurement process time length. Using this software user able to predict future demand accurately as per consumption records, so that users don’t overstock or under stock inventory which ensure maximum profitability.

Competitive benefit

  • Installment base payment facility. No big investment required
  • Get 100% satisfactory service then payment. Pay by earning monthly profit
  • Company goodwill value must increase as provide printed requisition and store keeper issue it with minimum effort
  • Store inventory are calculated auto with 100% accuracy
  • Calculative summary reports instantly error free
  • Interactive business report generation in 360 degree for item consumption, minimum stock alert
  • Data are backup in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.
  • Business owner will get real time information anytime from anywhere using Mobile, Tab or PC

Business & functional features

  • Store and Inventory is independent module but linked with HRMS resource requisition sub modules and Accounts.
  • Employee will send material or item requisition and after HR admin's approval it goes to store keeper.
  • Based on requisition and availability store manager issue the items and item inventory decreases.
  • Seeing run time exact report of consumption, procurement manager can take step for procure considering delivery time length based on data without risk.
  • Employee or department send expected material requisition in advance so that store manager can purchase before store become empty. Collecting all department's request store keeper prepare MPR (Material Purchase Requisition)
  • Based on MPR procurement department create a PO (Purchase Order) with targeted delivery date.
  • When supplier deliver the items, MRR (Material Receiving Report) are generated after QC pass and item inventory increases.
  • Store manager also can produce shortage item list based current stock and minimum stock alert quantity that set in each item details.
  • Through the system store manager will get item wise material inventory based on purchase and issue (IN/OUT)
  • Top management will get monthly department wise issued items reports with item cost and total cost.

Component of Store & Inventory

  • Item wise in/out reports
  • Material requisition
  • Material issue
  • Current stock report
  • Re-Order Item list based on minimum alert level
  • Purchase order report
  • Purchase
  • Pending Purchase
  • Purchase List
  • Product wise Purchase
  • Supplier List
  • Product List
  • Inventory List
  • Stock Ledger
  • Expiry Product List

Suitable for following business type

  • Any type of Company who want to manage supply-chain without losing business values.