CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is for manage client communication, manage schedule calendar. Merchandiser receive price quotation request, collect price rate from supplier and provide price quotation to buyer adding a profit margin. Integrated system will have all process operation of collection quotation request, merchandising cost estimation, proposal submission, sales order generation, purchase order generation, progress stage monitoring, Inspection reporting & process monitoring, LC & commercial information, Shipment & Packing management, Point of Sales. Smart business management and decision centric MIS reporting with BI (Business Intelligence) tools will definitely mitigate the challenging task.


Top management will be able to monitor critical target failing possibility and take earlier steps to overcome the situation. Auto milestone date setting and observe progress stage and status according to work order based on delivery date. It will ensure modern client communication by providing invoice in email as well as SMS notification on financial transaction as like bank doing.

Cloud-CRM Modules

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    1. Customer Communication Management
    2. Estimation/Proposal Management
    3. Sales Order Management
    4. Purchase Order Management
    5. Order Progress Status Management
    6. EQC Inspection Management
    7. LC Management
    8. Shipment & Packing List

Business features of “CRM & Merchandising”

  • CRM & Merchandising software is suitable for all type Baying House.
  • This software has integrated with Accounts, HRMS, Payroll and other necessary software module.
  • System’s inbuilt reporting mechanism keep the owner always up to date with business flow and business status. It shows business overall snapshot instantly.
  • System will give progress status & notification . So user can take decision by see progress status.
  • System can instantly help produce to quotation price.
  • There is a scope to send summary reports to top management via email or SMS that ensure business snapshot over time.
  • The application is very easy to use and understand. There is no need huge training to know mechanism of Merchandising system.

Suitable for following business type

  • Any type of Baying House
  • Product Export/Import company

Technical Features

    Technology: World best & secured Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Apex 5.1 has capability to develop mission critical solution

    High Availability: Hosted in "Oracle Cloud" environment which is highly secured, 99.96% uptime. Processing power and space capacity are scale able on demand

    Data Backup: 3 continent base data backup, no way to lost data. User can download your all business data in local computer in different format

    Access Facility: Application and data are accessible from any devices like- Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, PC in any OS via Intranet (LAN), Internet

    Deployment: Platform independent possible to implement in all OS (Operating System, Windows or Linux)

    Security: Apex's inbuilt mechanism manage all security concern that protect any hacking and ensure cyber security. Applications are secured by SSL Certificate with the highest strength encryption. So that user can operate transaction safely and protect data hacking

    Looking & Navigation: Smart looking, user friendly and easy navigation facility. Responsive and suitable for all devices as REA (Rich Enterprise Application)

    Data Access Authorization: Business data will be 100% secured, Standard Data Center security will be provided, User/Role base secured access control will restrict sensitive data access. Data access control will be managed by business admin

    Performance: It is fast Ajax based technology and scalable for high user volumes

    Reporting & Data Export: Self-customized dynamic report generation facility that enables light weight Business Intelligence (BI). Multi format report generation with export facility like pdf, xls, html, rtf, chart etc.

    Language: fully Unicode supported, can be used with any language

    Communication: Integrated SMS and Email facility

Component of “CRM & Merchandising”


  • Communication Calendar
  • Schedule Calendar
  • Communication Report Interactive
  • Communication Report Printable


  • Quotation Info (Admin)
  • Estimation Grid (Emp)
  • Estimation Report 360

Work Order

  • Work Order Info
  • Order Report
  • Progress Report 360
  • Progress Dashboard
  • Product Inspection (EQC)

LC & Shipment

  • LC Info
  • LC Report
  • Shipment Info
  • Shipment Report


  • Employee Entry
  • Product & Price Entry and Update
  • Client Entry
  • Supplier Entry
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Report Header
  • Lookup Info
  • Auto Transaction Settings
  • Organization Information
  • Client Transaction Settings
  • SMS Group Settings
  • Sent SMS Group
  • Update Product
  • User Access Control and Security Settings