Buying-house company basically perform trading business. They work as a middle man for buyer and supplier. Buying house companies’ major task is client communication, manage schedule calendar.

Merchandiser receive price quotation request, collect price rate from supplier and provide price quotation to buyer adding a profit margin. Integrated system will have all process operation of collection quotation request, merchandising cost estimation, proposal submission, sales order generation, purchase order generation, progress stage monitoring, Inspection reporting & process monitoring, LC & commercial information, Shipment & Packing management, Point of Sales. Smart business management and decision centric MIS reporting with BI (Business Intelligence) tools will definitely mitigate the challenging task. Top management will be able to monitor critical target failing possibility and take earlier steps to overcome the situation. Auto milestone date setting and observe progress stage and status according to work order based on delivery date. It will ensure modern client communication by providing invoice in email as well as SMS notification on financial transaction as like bank doing. Beside CRM & Merchandising modules integrated HRMS, Accounts, Payroll, Point of Sales enable company operation under ERP system that will create business value for the organization.

Cloud Buyinghouse Modules

    Business Values:
  • We provide solution "Pay as you Go" model in installment basis that is cost effective and risk free for business decision maker
  • Company can enjoy full software paying maintenance service charge, No need initial big investment
  • Get 100% satisfactory service then payment. Pay by earning monthly
  • Business owner will get real time information anytime from anywhere using Mobile, Tab or PC
  • Emergency office work cannot be stop by traffic jam, client meeting, on tour
  • Company goodwill value must increase as digital office management
    Technical Values:
  • Production costing auto calculation based on raw material costing and others
  • Production status, attendance, store inventory, work order, shipment status, LC status, financial status monitoring report make top management empower and able to address all issues for better business decision
  • Smart office communication through mobile or PC using internal messaging, personal status, office schedule calendar
  • Easy and hassle free operation like leave apply, requisition, task assignment and reporting
  • Perfect and error free office attendance by fingerprint and system generated report will be sent to top management on time
  • Overtime, salary advance, loan, leave, attendance, employee status, meeting schedule, resource recursion, car requisition, leave projection information will help to make perfect decision for top management
  • Interactive report generation will reduce lot of staff effort and help to take smart business decision
  • Data are backup in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.

Business Process Flow:

    Dashboard of POS Module trade software
    Order-LC-Production-Shipment Flow Diagram Production Flowchart
  • Buying-house company basically perform trading business. They received product purchase request from buyer.
  • Buyer ask for price quotation for particular quantity product according to specification.
  • Buying-House collect price rate from supplier company according to specification. And provide a price quotation to buyer adding a profit margin.
  • When buyer agreed with the offered quotation, Buyer confirm and send a work order.
  • The Buying-House generate an Sales Work Order with an unique ID and send to buyer as confirmation of receive work order with all necessary attribute.
  • Based on the work order, Buying-House company monitor and follow up the progress stage so that target delivery date can be meet easily and take quick step for mitigate critical path according to target achieve date.
  • According to target delivery date they set up progress stage, concern person do the task according time frame. Supervisor officer monitor the status and take special care of failed or potential fail target stage so that the task can be done with in time frame.
  • After price negotiation, client provide a work order. Marketing team generate final proforma invoice as well as targeted shipment commitment that will be sent for prepare LC documents.
  • Marketing Team/Commercial team send the proforma invoice to process LC (Letter of Credit) by bank. Or client can pay on cheque or cash.
  • Commercial team will enter all LC related information as well as all relevant document as attachment.
  • Each LC may have several shipment schedules with targeted delivery date, bank payment information. There will have scope to insert documents for each shipment schedule so that all corresponding documents can be found easily.
  • For each shipment sales team (POS) generate sales invoice/bill against the client and referencing LC. This sales invoice hit in accounting system of client head that generate client receivable. This sales invoice indicates products name, quantity and rate that decrease product store & inventory.
  • Top management can get current production status report in a dashboard so that they can monitor and supervise overall production as per shipment schedule.
  • Inspection team will perform the EQC process before the packaging and than finalise the Shipment.
  • When shipment done, Bill of Lading are collect and send to beneficiary bank, beneficiary bank forward the document to LC bank, LC bank ensure payment clearance to beneficiary bank. Beneficiary bank deposit the committed amount to exporter bank account and notify. Exporter keep all information to the software so that management decision can be possible based on live data.
  • Accounts manager can collect bill and adjust corresponding client head. System will generate client ledger statement so that system can print or send to client’s email as well as mobile SMS notification like bank.

Integrated Modules Diagram