An online Oracle cloud-based Distributed Bio-Metric Employee Attendance Management System integrated with ERP to manage Multi-location Employee Attendance.

Cloud-Attendance Modules

  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Duty Roster Management
  • Holiday Schedule

Cloud-Attendance is integrated with sub-modules like -

Attendance Management

  • EmployeeInformation Entry
  • Employee Self-Attendance by Web Apps
  • Fingerprint & Card Attendance
  • Late or Early Attendance Remark
  • Daily Absent, Late&Holiday Report Generation
  • Attendance Process Report
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Weekly Attendance Report
  • Monthly Attendance Report
  • Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Employee Attendance in Date Range
  • Symbolic Attendance in Date Range
  • Employee In/Out Register
  • Employee In/Out Last Status
  • Edit/View Attendance
  • Attendance by Admin
  • Admin Modification for Exact Reporting
  • Finger Print Data History
  • Import Attendance Data

Leave Management

  • Leave Apply (By Admin)
  • Leave Apply (By Employee)
  • Leave Approval List
  • Leave Taken List
  • Leave Application
  • Leave at a Glance
  • Employee Leave Statistics
  • Leave Approval Hierarchy
  • Earn Leave (Forwarded Leave) Record
  • Generate Leave Calendar
  • Approved Leave Application Record
  • All Employee Leave Projection in Calendar
  • Leave Reports

Overtime Management

  • Overtime Plan Apply
  • Overtime Plan Approval
  • Employee Overtime
  • Overtime calculation& Setting
  • Overtime Data entry that reflects to Payroll

Duty Roster Management

  • Weekly or Monthly Duty Roster generation
  • Daily time sheet Management
  • Overtime Data entry that reflect to payroll
  • Weekly Duty Roster List Generation
  • Monthly Duty Roster List Generation
  • Roster List Report
  • Shift List & Setting

Holiday Schedule

  • Holiday Schedule Calendar
  • Yearly official Holiday projection
  • Holiday or Event will show in the calendar