CSL AccountsPro is an advance accounting system for manage clients, supplier, employee wise ledger as well as standard accounting. SMS and email notification for accounting transaction will enable company a smart reputation as like bank is performing.

Business Value Proposition

  • Installment base payment facility. No big investment required
  • Get 100% satisfactory service then payment. Pay by earning monthly profit
  • Company goodwill value must increase as provide digital money receipt in print, email or SMS
  • Smart client communication via SMS or email on transaction
  • Calculative Accounting report are generated error free that save lot of effort as well as high payee accountant
  • Company owner will have overall business information instantly like liability and assets, receivable and payable
  • Instant report of profit & loss, balance sheet report sent to email that generate company status snapshot
  • Data are backup in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc. It will protect you huge financial loss due to information missing.
  • Business owner will get real time information anytime from anywhere using Mobile, Tab or PC

Accounts Management modules and sub modules

  • Accounting module is a common module that are linked with other modules and it is key component of integrated ERP.
  • Our accounting follows all standard accounting principle that manages by dual entry system.
  • The application is very easy to use and understand. There is no need huge training to know Dr., Cr. mechanism of accounting system.
  • Anybody who has basic computer knowledge and understand from head, and to head transaction can use our accounting system. Rest of the things will do software system to generate all complex reports.
  • Only one voucher entry form will produce all necessary reports like bellow:
  1. Account head Ledger Report
  2. Payment Voucher
  3. Receipt Voucher
  4. Cash/Bank Flow Report
  5. Customer Ledger Statement
  6. Supplier Ledger Statement
  7. Employee Ledger Statement
  8. Payable Report
  9. Receivable Report
  10. Income Statement
  11. Expense Statement
  12. Trial Balance
  13. Profit & Loss Report
  14. Balance Sheet Report
  15. Different Accounts statements for better finance management

The Software is suitable for:

  • The Companies, who has clients, suppliers, employees with credit transactions
  • The companies, who want to manage with budget approval and fund requisition formalities
  • The companies, whose owner stay out of office and want to monitor accounting activity remotely over Mobile or Tab
  • The companies, who want to manage accounting smart and easy way by a standard data entry operator
  • The companies, who want to get instant reports for make business decision based on real time data
  • The companies, who don't want to loss information and gain business value by saving money
  • The companies, who want to get 360 degree analytics report of clients, supplier and other accounts head