"Cloud Academy ERP" software is very useful for manage school, college, and university. It keeps student's academic records, results, class routine, financial information. Guardian and student can get result, homework, attendance from home. System has online payment mechanism.

Our application’s generation demand features make your company one step ahead compare to other companies. The system has inter-messaging mechanism that is accessible via mobile devices. Employee status monitoring mechanism enables top management always up to date. Employee personal schedule and SMS notification is also another modern thinking for have a smart HRMS.

Integrated Modules:

  • Academy Management
    1. Student Information Management
    2. Selection, Promotion and Admission
    3. Accounts (Billing & Collection)
    4. Attendance with SMS notification
    5. Teaching and Academy Operation
    6. Teaching Plan, Quiz Question, Assessment
    7. Curriculum, Exam, Result Processing, Result Card
    8. Complain & Disciplinary action
    9. Teacher & Student Evaluation
    10. Online Payment
    11. Student and Guardian Access Version
    12. Website for general public access
  • Library Management
  • HRMS
  • Organization Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Store & Asset

    Business Values:
  • We provide solution "Pay as you Go" model in installment basis that is cost effective and risk free for business decision maker
  • Company can enjoy full software paying maintenance service charge, No need initial big investment
  • Get 100% satisfactory service then payment. Pay by earning monthly
  • Business owner will get real time information anytime from anywhere using Mobile, Tab or PC
  • Emergency office work cannot be stop by traffic jam, client meeting, on tour
  • Company goodwill value must increase as digital office management
    Technical Values:
  • Production costing auto calculation based on raw material costing and others
  • Production status, attendance, store inventory, work order, shipment status, LC status, financial status monitoring report make top management empower and able to address all issues for better business decision
  • Smart office communication through mobile or PC using internal messaging, personal status, office schedule calendar
  • Easy and hassle free operation like leave apply, requisition, task assignment and reporting
  • Perfect and error free office attendance by fingerprint and system generated report will be sent to top management on time
  • Overtime, salary advance, loan, leave, attendance, employee status, meeting schedule, resource recursion, car requisition, leave projection information will help to make perfect decision for top management
  • Interactive report generation will reduce lot of staff effort and help to take smart business decision
  • Data are backup in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.

Business Process Flow:

    Application Interfaces trade software
  • Academy system start with student’s admission for sale or by online admission form entry. There is online payment option available. Student pays using bkash or credit card. Student will get a token number as well as a print copy token.
  • Admission test date, result and admission related SMS notification will be sent to student and guardian mobile number via software.
  • Admission test result will be process and merit list will be prepared for publish to the web site as well as to corresponding each student’s mobile number.
  • For regular student, they will be forwarded to promoted list and allow to get admission for next class.
  • For new student detail as well as parent details will be enter and for old student all details are already stored in the system. Accounts and admission officer assign new roll for the students. He will also assign subject for the student.
  • Admission officer or accountant create bill for the student. This bill notification will got to guardian mobile number. And when bill collected by account a SMS notification also go to guardian mobile no. Student can also pay by online using mobile banking or credit card.
  • Each student’s billing and payment history will be store to the system and his/her account statement will be produce as like bank statement. And from student portal they can get all finance relate reports.
  • Integrated accounts will keep all billing and collection report according to class, students. It will produce MIS reports. Class wise student bill amount, collection amount, due amount projection report that will give perfect finance decision for the academy.
  • Integrated Modules
  • System will create class routine easily avoiding duplicate class as well as teacher’s duplicate assignment. Student as well as teacher will get class routine in their dashboard.
  • Teacher and student’s attendance will be store to the system via card or fingerprint machine. And auto generated report goes to management at a schedule time. System can also send SMS notification if student does not come to academy on time.
  • Teacher can make lesion plan and submit to class dashboard and student will get it from student version from home. Guardian can monitor academic status from home. It will bring good impact for the academy.
  • Teacher or system can assign quiz question set and student will participant that quiz from home. Its marks will be evaluated by class teacher.
  • System help to produce exam schedule by drag drop easy steps. This schedule can be show in student portal for easy access by guardian.
  • System will produce auto result card, certificate, testimonial and deliver to student keeping proper record for future reference.
  • System will have scope to submit complain and disciplinary action management. And this record will be store long time so that a student’s character can be identified based on record.
  • As per schedule exam attendance will be taken and blank marks sheet will be prepared for teacher to enter marks. Teacher can also enter marks corresponding subject directly to web based software at home using secured password. When all teacher entered subject wise marks, software will auto calculate merit list and marks sheet. It will also publish to student portal.