Cloud Solution Ltd. (CSL) is a Canadian Bangladeshi joint venture company. We are focused on cloud based Oracle Apex technology solution that is robust, secured and salable as client wants. Our hosted customized software in Oracle Cloud Environment ensures system high available, data security and any device access. We offer SaaS (Software as a Service) model business software that ensure minimum investment in the model “pay as you go” (monthly payment facility) using Oracle Cloud Environment.

At CSL, we offer companies a single system which enables them to manage multiple key business operations. These include accounts and finance, Trade Business Management, Manufacturing and Sales, CRM (customer relationship management) systems, Hospital Management Systems, Academy Management Systems and customize ERP systems (enterprise resource planning). Our Oracle Apex “Real-Time Dashboard” technology will provide you with an updated and easy to use interface. Our software comes with synchronized data access facility for mobile devices and PC. All our products have inbuilt SMS and email sending mechanism that ensure smart notification with client and management. We also provide our software on premise off-line environment usable at local LAN or Wi-Fi network.

Mission and Vision

  • To provide solution for them who want to invest less amount but want to enjoy latest technology benefit with installment basis payment.
  • Our business strategy is to bring SME level companies under the digital umbrella to manage their business with easy and affordable costing
  • We design, develop and maintain cloud based business software for running your company with minimal IT infrastructure costs hence allowing you to focus growing your company in other key areas.
  • Our target is to minimize customer costs, maximize the customer number to generate revenue as well as an excellent brand recognition.


  • We want to be a world-standard solution provider of adaptable and scalable enterprise solutions in the national and international market.
  • We want to create and provide “Next Generation Enterprise Solution” that enhance the competitive capabilities and value proposition of our customers by leveraging new technologies and expanding global connectivity with Oracle Apex technology.
  • To provide cloud based solution that will ensure high available system, strong data security (in 3 geo-graphical location backup), and hassle-free management.

SaaS Access Facility

Capability and Experience

  • We started our journey from 2007, initially using java technology and day by day shifted to oracle based technology
  • At 2014 the company registered at joint stock as a limited company by the name of “Cloud Solution Limited”
  • Last 6 years we have developed more than 30 apex applications that are running in govt. and non-govt. organizations using oracle Apex technology
  • CSL has experienced expertise at National and International professionals who have successful track records to develop and deploy big national level databases at Bangladesh Police like: CDMS (Criminal Data Management System), PIMS (Police Personnel Information Management System), PBMS (Police Building Management System), PLMS (Police Land Record Management System), Budget and financial distribution systems for estate and development section of the Bangladesh Police
  • We are experienced in mission critical application development with huge user-numbers in national and international companies

Development Methodology

  • In case of software development, we follow Agile development methodology. Agile software development stresses rapid iterations, small and frequent releases and evolving requirements facilitated by direct user involvement in the development process.
  • Agile development is based on frequent iterative releases that are very much effective and fruitful. Each release ensures 100% workable and part of the whole project
  • In agile development, our client always becomes updated what is the current status of their project. It will ensure client expectation is going to achieve or not in the project

Commitment to our clients

  • We know very well that, a software is used for company's business need and business requirement change able. We are always welcome to business requirement change that meets the ultimate target of the client
  • We have a professional young team who is well aware of the software demands of their generation, which makes the delivered products proven in time
  • We are committed to make your business easily digitally manageable, that will ensure more business value comparing manual management
  • We shall ensure all data security in sense of data confidentiality, data loss
  • We are committed to provide dedicated service support 3 way (phone, online, on spot visit)

Business Strength

  • According to software facility and quality, price are comparatively low. We provide solution "Pay as you Go" model in installment basis that is cost effective and risk free for business decision maker
  • Company can enjoy full software paying maintenance service charge, No need initial big investment
  • Company can implement our integrated module one by one and gradually they can own integrated ERP. This approach company can save money and project failure risk
  • CSL software’s can easily demonstrated online and client can use it for free (15 Days). Before final decision company can run and test the application as piloting. If they satisfy they will come into under contract. This approach can protect investment risk of the company
  • We have a professional young team who is well aware of the software demands of their generation, which makes the delivered products proven in time
  • CSL has number of cloud based off-the-shelf products known as SaaS (Software as a Service) using the oracle cloud infrastructure
  • CSL Industry Ready Products link

Our Software Strength

Latest Technology: We use latest and modern technology “Oracle Apex” which is RAD - Rapid application development technology that empower us to deliver high quality software with in shortest time

Interactive Dynamic Reports: Inbuilt interactive reporting facility enable end user to generate thousand of reports with dynamic filtering option as much as user want

Meet Generation Demand: Apex has generation demand facilities with high-available, scalable, Secured, Any device access, zero data loss, mission critical solution, high volume data, Smart looking, easy navigation, Rich Enterprise Application (REA), Rapid Application Development (RAD)

No compromise on quality: CSL believes in long lasting alliance with its clients. We never compromise with the quality of our products. Our aim is to deliver cutting-edge topnotch products having the footprint of innovation and freshness. We not only help to grow our clients but also discover new things which seal our future. Our Quality Assurance team makes sure the product quality and its competitiveness in current market. CSL strongly believes in client satisfaction derived from the final outcome of their quality products.

Understand your business goals: The most important aspect of software development is to understand the exact points of client's business requirements. CSL specializes in Business Analysis. Our exclusive business analyst team is majored in delivering some state of the art products with cutting edge technology. We continuously research on our projects and clarify all the requirements from client. After freezing all the deliverables/requirements, we start developing the project.

Confidentiality: CSL does not own any of client’s intellectual property rights. Furthermore, your business idea, data, and other key information are kept confidential. Our employee contracts and induction are compatible with our promise of confidentiality and loyalty.

Deliver what promised: We are devoted to earn client satisfaction with our work. CSL passionately delivers all the materials stated in the requirements by the clients according to agreement. We never say a project complete until a client provides us his gracious feedback.

Report & Monitoring: All reports can be sent to email. Top management or owner can access summery report for monitor business status from remotely using mobile or TAB devices.


Our Software Technical Features:

We are dedicated to work with only Oracle Apex on Oracle Cloud Environment that is cost effective, scale able, secured and high available. We can also provide on premise solution that will be install in client’s server in local or Oracle Cloud Server https://cloud.oracle.com

    Technology: World best & secured Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Apex 5.1 has capability to develop mission critical solution

    High Availability: Hosted in "Oracle Cloud" environment which is highly secured, 99.96% uptime. Processing power and space capacity are scale able on demand

    Data Backup: 3 continent base data backup, no way to lost data. User can download your all business data in local computer in different format

    Access Facility: Application and data are accessible from any devices like- Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, PC in any OS via Intranet (LAN), Internet

    Deployment: Platform independent possible to implement in all OS (Operating System, Windows or Linux)

    Security: Apex's inbuilt mechanism manage all security concern that protect any hacking and ensure cyber security. Applications are secured by SSL Certificate with the highest strength encryption. So that user can operate transaction safely and protect data hacking

    Looking & Navigation: Smart looking, user friendly and easy navigation facility. Responsive and suitable for all devices as REA (Rich Enterprise Application)

    Data Access Authorization: Business data will be 100% secured, Standard Data Center security will be provided, User/Role base secured access control will restrict sensitive data access. Data access control will be managed by business admin

    Performance: It is fast ajax based technology and scalable for high user volumes

    Reporting & Data Export: Self-customized dynamic report generation facility that enables light weight Business Intelligence (BI). Multi format report generation with export facility like pdf, xls, html, rtf, chart etc.

    Language: Fully Unicode supported, can be used with any language

    Communication: Integrated SMS and Email facility

Our Working Sector

  • Government’s Customize Project
  • Financial Management for govt. and non-govt. organization
  • Hospital & Clinic Management
  • Education Management
  • Garments Management
  • Production Industry Management
  • Others (On Demand Distributed Application Development)

Our Software Features

We are dedicated to work with only Oracle Apex on Oracle Cloud Environment that is cost effective, scale able, secured and high available. We can also provide on premise solution that will be install in client’s server in local or Oracle Cloud Server

  • Our technology is a web based 3-tier client-server technology using Oracle Application Express based on ORACLE database.
  • Data are secured by backup to 3 geo-graphical location.
  • Web server as Oracle Web Logic, Glassfish, Apache Tomcat in Oracle Linux environment
  • It is highly secured and manageable.
  • All applications use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates.
  • It is based on RIA (Rich Internet Application) and RAD (Rapid Application Development)
  • Builds professional looking web applications that are both fast and secure.
  • Apex is open source and FREE. No licensing required.
  • Lot of scope for customization of applications look and feel, for each organization.
  • It is very fast (Ajax based technology) and scalable for high user volumes.
  • It is platform independent, so it is possible to implement in all OS (Operating System, Windows or Linux)
  • Accessible and smart enough to operate from any device like Mobile, Tab or PC
  • Application are accessible from all desk via LAN, Internet, Smartphone.
  • Smart looking, user friendly and easy navigation facility.
  • Multi format report generation with export facility (pdf, xls, html, rtf, chart, …)
  • Fully Unicode supported, can be used with any language.
  • Self-customize dynamic report- generation facility that enable light weight Business Intelligence (BI) reporting.
  • Integrated SMS based notification system can involve the customers more effectively in their demands of the customer they want to be.
  • Reporting can be sent to email.

Integrated Modules


Our Remarkable Products

CSL all products are designed as integrated module based so that it can work as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Client can use any product standalone as per their need. Our all products has mobile version so that user can access information from Mobile or TAB from any type devices like iPhone, Andorid Phone, Microsoft devices.

ERP Solutions

  • Cloud Hospital ERP
    1. Hospital Management
      1. Admission and Discharge Management
      2. Doctor Booking and Queue Management
      3. Patient Treatment (IPD & OPD)
      4. Pharmacy Management
      5. Lab Management
      6. Canteen Management
      7. OT Management
      8. Billing and Collection
    2. HRMS (Human Resource Management)
    3. Accounts
    4. Payroll
    5. Store & Asset
  • Cloud Garments/Manufacturing ERP
    1. HRMS
    2. Accounts
    3. Payroll
    4. Supply-Chain & Procurement
    5. Raw Material Store
    6. Production Management
    7. Finished Goods Store
    8. CRM - Customer Relationship Management
    9. Commercial, LC & Shipment
    10. Sales Invoice (POS)
    11. Store & Asset
  • Cloud Academy ERP
    1. Academy Management
      1. Student Admission & Promotion
      2. Course Curriculam Management
      3. Students Accounts (Billing & Collection)
      4. Fingerprint Attendance
      5. Quiz Question, Assessment
      6. Exam & Result Processing
      7. Student and Guardian access version
      8. Website for general public access
      9. Books & Khata Selling Shop
    2. HRMS
    3. Accounts
    4. Payroll
    5. Store & Asset
    6. Library Management

  • Cloud Buyinghouse ERP
    1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
      1. Estimation/Proposal Management
      2. Sales Order Management
      3. Purchase Order management
      4. Order Progress Status Management
      5. EQC Inspection Management
      6. LC & Commercial Management
      7. Shipment & Packing List
    2. Sales & Invoice (POS)
    3. Accounts
    4. Payroll
    5. Store & Asset
    6. HRMS
  • Cloud Hotel ERP
    1. Hotel Management
      1. Reservation (Online & Offline)
      2. Room Booking Management
      3. Billing & Collection
      4. Check-In/ Check-Out
      5. Service Management
        1. Room, Laundry, Swimming Pool, Gym, Saloon, Food & Others
      6. Guest Module (Online Access)
      7. MIS Reporting (Business Intelligence)
    2. HRMS
    3. Accounts
    4. Payroll
    5. Store & Asset
  • Cloud RealEstate ERP
    1. Project / Cost-Center Management
    2. Purchase
    3. Sales
    4. Installment Management
    5. Collection & Accounts
    6. MIS Report
    7. Inventory
    8. Customer Access Module
    9. Accounts
    10. Payroll
    11. Store & Asset
    12. HRMS

Comparative Benefit

Why our software is comparatively more benefited rather than other standard software

Topic Cloud Solution Software Other Standard Software
Online Demo & Trial access facility Yes No
Multi branch sales management (Online Integrated) Yes No
Market places showcase (E-commerce facility Via Trip2market.com) Yes (Collect order and payment) No
Products show in self organization website Yes (Collect order and payment) No
Data recovery when computer damages Yes (Data store at least 3 counties) Yes, if backup store in separate computer otherwise loss important data
Starting Investment No Yes
Installment payment (Pay as you go) Yes ( Monthly) No
Operation facility & access Yes ( Mobile, Tab, PC) Yes (PC)
Chart of account, Clients, supplier Ledger Management Separately (No problem when Client increase huge) Client & Supplier maintain in Chart of account (Arise problem when client become huge)
Self-customized business intelligence report generation Yes (Smartly with latest inbuilt tools) Developer Defined, Not Dynamic
Database & Technology Oracle 11g/12c, Oracle Apex, SQL, PL/SQL My SQL, SQL Server, PHP, Dot Net, VB
Cloud infrastructure Yes (Oracle Cloud) No
Security World Class, maintain by Oracle Local Vendor
User access control & restriction Customized by Client Customized by Developer
User limitation Unlimited Yes (Have to pay for more user)
Data backup Oracle Cloud based 3 geo location backups Standalone
Send Report in Email Yes No
SMS facility on transaction as bank doing Yes No
Account ledger access by customer providing Username and Password Yes No
Online payment and auto ledger update Yes No

Our Remarkable Clients

  • Dhaka Community Hospital
  • BIRDEM Hospital
  • A2i (Police Clearance Management System)
  • Police Convention Hall
  • Police Housing Society
  • Bangladesh Police (CDMS, PIMS, PBMS, PLMS)
  • Kuehne + Nagel (Multinational company)
  • SMC (Social Marketing Company)
  • Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM)
  • Creative IT
  • CEMS Global
  • Iskcon Bangladesh
  • Hot Breads
  • HR Unit Distribution Company Ltd.
  • Bridge Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Jade Bangladesh Ltd
  • DRI (Development Resources International Co., Ltd.)
  • Padma Housing Society Ltd.
  • Ananda Housing Society Ltd.
  • Bangladesh Mathematical Society
  • German University Bangladesh
  • Pure Lab Tech Ltd.
  • Police Staff College
  • Northern Jute Mills
  • Zia and Associates
CSL Clients list
  • TexKom Ltd.
  • Jade-BD
  • Azad Rifat Knit Composite Mills.
  • MeritLink BD Ltd.
  • Hossain & Brothers
  • HL Motors
  • Garial Bangladesh
  • BTS Communication Beanibazar
  • NIPRO JMI Pharma