Store and Inventory Management modules and sub modules

  • Store and Inventory is independent module but linked with HRMS resource requisition sub modules and Accounts.
  • Employee will send material or item requisition and after HR admin's approval it goes to store keeper.
  • Based on requisition and availability store manager issue the items and item inventory decreases.
  • Seeing run time exact report, marketing team can offer best price for client, based on data without risk.
  • Employee or department send expected material requisition in advance so that store manager can purchase before store become empty. Collecting all department's request store keeper prepare MPR (Material Purchase Requisition)
  • Based on MPR procurement department create a PO (Purchase Order) with targeted delivery date.
  • When supplier deliver the items, MRR (Material Receiving Report) are generated after QC pass and item inventory increases.
  • Store manager also can produce shortage item list based current stock and minimum stock alert quantity that set in each item details.
  • Through the system store manager will get item wise material inventory based on purchase and issue (IN/OUT)
  • Top management will get monthly department wise issued items reports with item cost and total cost.
  • Store and Inventory module has the following reports:
  • Item wise in/out reports
    Material requisition list
    Material issue list
    Current stock inventory report
    Purchase order report