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HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software is cloud based integrated with number of sub-modules. Our modules are integrated plug-able one by one as per client’s need. And gradually all modules enable you integrated ERP system.

Our applications are developed on ORACLE CLOUD based technology that has generation demand features which make your company one step ahead. The system has inbuilt mechanism for inter-messaging, web and fingerprint attendance, auto attendace report sent to top management, employee status, pending task, personal schedule that will make employee result oriented. Our inbuilt dashboard and interactive reports enable top management always up to date with real time information. Employee personal schedule and SMS notification is also another modern thinking for have a smart HRMS.

Business Value Proposition:

  • Installment base payment facility. No big investment required
  • Get 100% satisfactory service then payment. Pay by earning monthly
  • Company goodwill value must increase as digital office management
  • Smart office communication through mobile or PC using internal messaging, personal status, office shcedule calendar
  • Non-dependent and hassle free operation like leave apply, requisition, task assignment and reporting
  • Perfect and error free office attendance by fingerprint and system generated report will be sent to top management on time
  • Task record, leave, attendance, employee status, meeting schedule, resource requision, car requisition, leave projection information will help to make perfect decision for top management
  • Interactive report generation will reduce lot of staff effort and help to take smart business decision
  • Emergency office work can not be stop on traffic jam, client meeting, on tour. Instant system access by Phone, Tab, Laptop over internet will ensure efficient office work
  • Data are backup in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.
  • Business owner will get real time information any time from anywhere using Mobile, Tab or PC

HRMS inbuilt modules:

  • HRMS Dashboard
  • Basic HRMS
    1. Employee Record Management
    2. Office In/Out Register
    3. Letter Receive & Disbursement Register
    4. Office Circular or Notice
    5. Employee Leave Schedule & Holiday Schedule Calendar
    6. Complain & Action Management
    7. Users & Access Control
    8. Appreciation of Performance
    9. Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Leave Management
  • Fingerprint/Web Attendance Management
  • Duty Roster and Time Sheet Management
  • Travel & Conveyance Management
  • Medical & Treatment Management
  • Employee Schedule Calendar Management
  • Employee Status Management
  • Internal Message Box
  • Phonebook and Visitor Management
  • Resource Requisition Management
  • Transport Schedule and Requisition Management
  • SMS & Email Management
  • Training Requisition and Record Management

HRMS related other modules:

  • Task Management
  • Meeting Minutes Maanagement
  • FingerPrint/Card Attendance System
  • Online CV and Recruitment Management
  • Online learning, Quiz and Skill Development
  • Transport and Fuel Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Accounts
  • Payroll

FingerPrint/Card Attendance Devices
World class real time fingerprint attendance device integrated with our HRMS software. It can provide distributed factories or branch office's attendance records to central system at head office. So top management will get real time attendace information 99% perfectly:

Click here for details of FingerPrint Attendance Devices.

Components detail of module & sub modules

Basic HRMS

  • My Status
  • Office attendance time
  • Personal and Official Message
  • Daily Message (Appreciation, Birthday, Anniversary)
  • Schedule Calendar (Personal, Official schedule, Birthday, Anniversary)
  • Visitor List
  • Pending list (Task, Manager Approval, Requisition)
  • Transport schedule and requisition
  • Total Employee, Present count, Leave Count, Absent Count
  • Employee current status report at a glance
  • Today Leave and attendance report at a glance
  • Total Pending Task, Pending Leave approval, Pending Requisition, Total Visitor
  • Leave Calendar
  • Personal Detail
  • Employement Records
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Documents (Certificates, NID, PIC, etc.)
  • Training
  • Edication
  • Posting Records
  • Promotion Records
  • Reference
  • Family members details
  • Medical Details
  • Prize/Appreciation
  • Punishment
  • Termination Information
  • Official Out Register
  • Calendar view of official out employee
  • Employee wise official out time report
  • Official letter receiving Register
  • Official letter disbursement Register
  • Official letter monitoring
  • Generate circular for print & publish
  • View the notice in each employee schedule calendar
  • View the notice in Home page
  • Employee wise leave projection
  • Yearly official holiday projection
  • Record for complain
  • Verification and Action taken and record to personal profile
  • Role base system access and operation control
  • Audit record of data insertion and modification
  • Generate record for top performer that will show in employee dashboard
  • Month wise top performance that will include personal profile
  • Employee will fill up a survey sheet each 6 month
  • Job satisfaction survey reports for management review

HRMS Sub-Modules

  • Employee will apply for leave with earlier leave record
  • Manager approval hierarchy management
  • When approval done, leave taken data will be updated for the employee
  • Record will show in the Leave calendar
  • MIS reporting
  • Employee self-attendance by application
  • Fingerprint or Card attendance integration
  • Admin modification for exact reporting
  • Month wise attendance summary for employee and Admin
  • MIS reporting
  • Weekly or Monthly duty roster generation
  • Manager can modify as per client requested constraint
  • Daily time sheet Management (Task Management)
  • Overtime Data entry that reflect to payroll
  • MIS Reporting
  • Employee will create conveyance and generate report
  • Admin will approve
  • As per approval accounts get reports and able to take steps for payout
  • MIS reporting
  • Employee and family member apply for actual medical costing
  • Based on company policy allowance will approved and payout
  • MIS reporting
  • Employee create official or personal task schedule that will show in calendar for easy management
  • Even system can notify as per pre-defined time
  • Client Meeting, Office meeting, Task deadline
  • Put latest status so that other colleague can have real time information
  • Top management will get at a glance information
  • One to one message passing through the system
  • Official task anywhere any time that will keep in record
  • Phone or email contact of employee, clients and others
  • Visitor information that entered from front desk
  • Report visible to each employee dashboard with visitor picture.
  • Receptionist can search employee status and put message for him
  • MIS Reporting
  • Resource requisition like (Pen, Car, staff)
  • Admin will approve and keep record that delivered
  • MIS Reporting
  • Transport/Car requisition and approval process
  • Approved or assigned schedule calendar view according to Car and Driver
  • MIS Reporting
  • Through the system single or group SMS can be sent
  • Email communication through system and keep record to database for future record
  • Training requisition apply by staff
  • Completed training (Inhouse or Outsource)

System Settings

  • Step-1: Organization Information
  • Step-2: Company Pictures Upload
  • Step-4: Property Setting
  • Step-3: Fiscal Year
  • Step-5: Department
  • Step-6: Designation
  • Step-7: Grade Setting
  • Step-8: Leave Type Setting
  • Step-9: Office Open Date Setting
  • Step-10: Attendance Admin
  • Step-11: Employee Attendance
  • Step-12: CV Detail
  • Step-13: Employee
  • Step-14: Employee Letter
  • Step-15: Employee Responsibility
  • Step-16: Leave Apply
  • Step-17: Leave Taken Employee
  • Step-18: Letter Sending Register
  • Step-19: Holiday
  • Step-20: Requisition
  • Step-21: Office Outgoing Register
  • Step-22: Visitor Management
  • Step-23: Appraisal Factors
  • Step-24: Factor Setting
  • Step-25: Appraisal
  • Step-26: Appraisers
  • Step-27: Office Circular
  • Step-28: Get Reports As Per Your Need.