Integrated Hospital Management System

  • Hospital are integrated with the following modules:
    Admission and Discharge Management
    Doctor Booking and Queue Management
    Patient Treatment (Indoor & Outdoor)
    Pharmacy Management
    Lab Management
    Canteen Management
    OT Management
    Billing and Collection
    Store & Inventory Management
    HRMS (Human Resource Management)
    Integrated Accounts

  • Features and Process flow:
    A patient can book a doctor schedule using online, over telephone or on spot. Using credit card, bKash patient can pay fee and confirm booking with on spot visit that will save transport cost.
  • When patient arrive, attendee collect fee and insert patient name, age, phone, address. System generate a unique ID (Hospital ID) and a current treatment ID if patient is new. If patient has earlier registration, operator will search with hospital ID or treatment ID or phone and system will generate a treatment ID.
  • Attendee will also enter some other information like height, weight, BP, and problem summary. A blank prescription will be printed with the given information for write medicine name and advise test. If the patient has earlier information all last test report will be show at left side of the prescription so that doctor can get previous test history report.
  • When visit done doctor send the prescription to attendee, the attendee will enter the medicine and test advice in digitally against corresponding patient. Attendee print another digital version prescription so that patient can get a readable prescription with generic medicine name as well as trade name medicine.
  • When patient goes to pharmacy with the prescription, searching treatment ID pharmacist get all medicine and create bill with minimum effort.
  • If the patient is admitted to hospital and allow for credit medicine sale bill are generated as payable at bill collection section
  • Similarly, when patient goes to lab test section, searching patient ID they will get all advise test name and system can auto calculate how much costing involve for complete the testing report.
  • As per patient confirmation advice operator will create bill with single click and provide printed bill and money receipt. For indoor patient bill are generated as payable at bill collection department.
  • When bill generation done test sample collection department instantly get who are coming to give test sample over the integrated software. After sample collection, corresponding tester will get list of test in his/her dashboard for complete the test report.
  • When tester complete test report system will send SMS notification to corresponding patient’s mobile number so that he can collection the report.
  • Seeing the test report doctor keep the test result corresponding test with date so that this result can be used for future reference.
  • When patient discharge a summary report with test result, treatment medicine, and other advices are printed through the integrated hospital management system.
  • At pharmacy sales manager, can monitor product inventory, order product to supplier, receive product and generate payable to integrated accounts system. System will generate accounts ledger for supplier as like bank statement.
  • Pharmacy module can generate produce wise profit % report, overall business summary report like profit & loss, balance sheet, ledger report etc.
  • OT management module can generate OT schedule, OT requirement list for patient, doctor and relevant person’s commission
  • Treatment module has scope to enter all treatment information, medication as per doctor’s suggestion. When patient discharge, a final treatment advise are generate through the treatment module.
  • When patient come next time for treatment doctor can view his/her previous treatment history so that doctor can perform better treatment based on earlier data of treatment and report result.
  • For indoor patient doctor visit bill, treatment bill and other service bill like room rent, therapy bill are added one by one by the sister or relevant service provider.
  • System will produce patient’s summary bill, as well item wise detail bill report as well as payment detail.
  • Account or bill collection section will collect bill and adjust in client receivable head. System will generate client ledger statement so that system can print or send to client’s email as well as mobile SMS notification like bank. System can send auto SMS saying deposit money when bill goes out of limited